The Modular Logging Solution

Welcome to the modulogr website. The philosophy behind the product is to provide a modular logging solution for data acquisition and condition monitoring to meet your specific business requirements.


The product offers the user the ability to tailor the data logging requirements at each location using interchangeable modules. This allows an holistic approach where various modules measuring a variety of data sources can share one communcation and power node.  


The system is expandable as the requirements for the data acquisition increases. Additional modules can be added to extend the existing installation. These will utilise the existing power and communication channels, thus reducing cost, complexity and installation time.  


The Logr modules have intelligence built in. This allows the data requirements for mobile comms and central processing to be lowered as required. The system has the ablity to filter out 'normal' operations and send only alarm data and status updates.  

Key Benefits:

  • Configurable - Select Logr modules specific to each site

  • Simplistic - Logr modules interconnect to share power and comms

  • Expandable - The system can grow as monitoring requirements expand

  • Intelligent - Logr modules process data locally

  • Value - Purchase only the modules required and permit sharing of power and comms

The Logr System


A standard RS-485 protocol and interconnecting modules make installation and expansion simple.


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Logr Comms


The modular design allows the method of communicating data to be tailored to each location.


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Logr Modules


Asset specific Modules communicate with the Logr to provide the desired functionality.


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Logr Sensors


Sensors collect data for each specific module, such as current, voltage, temperature etc...


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